Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yeah, I'll Do It

So my sister in law posted an interesting idea/event in our family group page.

Salsa Flash Mob anyone???

Yup, apparently this Saturday, July 30th is National Dance Day and there will be a flash mob performing a salsa routine courtesy of "So You Think You Can Dance." It's a flash mob that will happen all over the country and I started practicing the routine tonight. Below is the link. I'm doing the beginner's video and if I mess up I can gracefully dance out of the crowd. Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Last Day as 29

Last year I wrote up a premature bucket list. This is what I accomplished.

  • Show an original art piece in a gallery (doesn't even have to be a fancy-schmancy gallery either). I kind of did this. My niece had a birthday party and the theme was art gallery and yes I had a crayon art piece hanging in her backyard "gallery." I'll take it.
  • Get published. (short story, critique, narrative, instructions..anything!) I did this, with the help of I also submitted some stuff to Edmond Top-Picks, they might publish what I submitted. I know one of the editors so that might help.
  • Learn how to drive (maybe I'll put that at the bottom). Nope, not even close.
  • Teach a cooking class to more than 5 people all at once. Check!
  • Lose 20 pounds (I need to lose more but I'm being realistic....better make it 10). Ha!
  • Lose 10 pounds. See above. I lost 7 pounds...I'll take it.
  • See Japan (not on television). Nope, not unless teleportation is invented in 2 hours.
  • Open 5 biscuit cans in a row without flinching. I've opened two in a row. I don't need 50 biscuits.
  • Spend less time on the internet. Yeah right.
  • Write more hand written letters like they used to. I'm actually quite proud of this. I wrote about 10 letters, it doesn't sound like much and I didn't get letters back (most people just called or emailed back) it felt good to write on paper.
  • Make stationary. Yup!
  • Perfect penmanship. No way, I always got poor marks in penmanship.
  • Buy stamps. Check!
  • Daydream more. Just kidding. I actually do let my imagination runaway with me sometimes.
  • Learn how to create, not just cook. When you're on a strict budget but you refuse to eat ramen noodles or cereal, you must get creative. Check!
  • Smile more often. I'm not sure if I accomplished this or not.
  • Learn stupid bar chords. Bar chords are still stupid.
  • Keep being happy where I am and not depend on happiness based on a future I created in my head...again daydream less. I struggle with seeing the big picture sometimes, I have to love the small portrait in front of me.
  • Learn to drive. Nope, I'll wait for that teleportation machine.
  • Remain confident in the abilities I was given and be willing to share the knowledge...if I gained any. I'm still learning.

I guess I did okay. My 20's will be dead tomorrow.....but my 30's will be born and I've been told it's way better. We'll see.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Walk on 59th

Anxious cries from a two year old as I slip on her metallic sandals.
Creaking from the white patio door. Faint hum from heat on the sidewalk.

Stroller traveling over loose gravel.

Light shimmers from the ground, the beer bottle glass looks like a mosaic.

Dusty alley with an orphaned over stuffed chair.

Subtle bass sounds grow louder, from a passing car in need of new speakers.

Black wrought iron fence makes a home look like a prison.

A novelty horn is honking with promises of elote y raspados.

The shade from the car port is welcoming, so are the colorful jars above the mailbox.

I'm home.