Monday, April 22, 2013

Dressing the Part

Problem #1

So after baby, my body is out of whack.

I wasn't a svelte anything before pregnancy, but after losing 20 pounds in my first trimester, I have been able to keep that off afterwards. That's cool and all but there's this large stretched out tummy area that hangs in weird places.  I know, it's gross but dressing said area is a challenge.

Problem #2

I don't want to be a frumpy mom and yet I feel frumpy all the time.  Looking at the outfit I have on now, it's most definitely a function over fashion outfit.  It's an owl t-shirt, crop jeans and black walking shoes.  The temperature today will reach 95.  So I thought, thin t-shirt and "shorts."  I have to wear walking shoes because I walk my daughter to the bus stop during the week.

When I dress up for church or hanging out with friends, I feel great and pretty.

I think the bottom line is that I have to lose more weight and learn how to drive.  Both of these things are challenges for me.  I'm lazy and I have anxiety about driving.

So knowing this - what does a post-pregnancy plus size mom wear while walking her kid to the bus stop in a sketchy neighborhood (oh yeah, I live in a sketchy neighborhood) while still looking modest?  And not frumpy?  And still be able to keep cool?

My husband is definitely a guy who chooses function over fashion.  He basically wears clothes to keep from being naked.  I don't think clothes make him "feel" anything.  Why is there a feeling attached to clothing when it comes to women?  Dumb sociological ideals I think but I still like to feel a certain way in clothing.  Then I think why dress a certain way when I know for sure I will be spit up on at least once daily?

I think I'm done ranting about clothes and body issues.

Carry on. :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Getting Back to Normal

So the title of this post isn't right but not wrong either.

Normalcy changes with each transition in life.  What was normal a year ago doesn't fit anymore.

So yup, I had a baby.  She's two months old now and she turned our world upside down.  Her sister didn't care for her much at first but now she's goo-goo eyed for her (except when baby is crying).  My house is a mess, I do laundry almost everyday and dinner is late but things will even out soon.  I'm excited to have book club at my house this month because I actually finished the book and my house will be clean by then (fingers crossed).

Here's to finding more time to do everything and small pockets of time to do absolutely nothing.