Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Hop

So my amazing friend put this link up on her blog and being a true lover of Halloween, I had to participate. As a kid, Halloween was a time to dress up and be someone completely different, even if it were just for one day.  We usually stayed up a little later, got our costumes the day of and got a ton of free candy.  We usually drove to a nicer neighborhood, teamed up with our cousins and knocked on every door until our legs gave out.  The downside?  Mom collected our candy that night and put it in a plastic tupperware and we were not to eat the candy unless she handed it to us.  Bummer.  It was for our own good I guess. Last year when my baby was "trick or treating" Mechanic Hubby let her have any candy she could open up on her own.  She learned how to open up candy quite quickly. 

I really do love to be scared, even if it means sleeping with the lights on......for a few days.   During my goth years (yes, I was that kid in high school) I was a lot braver and never turned away from the screen.  Now, I get totally freaked.  I don't get it.  One of my favorite "Halloweeny" type movies isn't scary but after I watched it, I wanted to be Winona Ryder.  Only the cool Winona, not the nerdy one.  Ha.


The costume I am most proud of, and was the winner of the company costume contest (tongue twister) is this:
Yup, I was a pregnant skeleton.  I used regular white craft paint for the shirt and I used an old t-shirt for the pants.  I didn't want to ruin my sweats because I pretty much lived in them during my last trimester.  But I won 200 bucks to Circuit City.  Remember Circuit City???

As for my costume for this year?  I've worked hard on it...she's a lovely pink pear shaped television character.  I'm almost done with the entire ensemble.
It'll probably be way to hot out to wear this for very long but my baby will be Brobee so I have to stay dedicated to this bit.  It's only for about an hour so what's the big deal?  It's going to be my interpretation because 1. I have no patience for sewing and 2. I have no patience for sewing. 

Here's my kiddo modeling the Brobee hat I made for her.

Hooray for Halloween!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Art of Domestics

adj \də-ˈmes-tik\
1 living near or about human habitations b : tame, domesticated the domestic cat
2 of, relating to, or originating within a country and especially one's own country domestic politicsdomestic wines
3 of or relating to the household or the family domestic chores, domestic happiness
4  devoted to home duties and pleasures leading a quietly domestic life
verb \də-ˈmes-ti-ˌkāt\  
(one of the definitions)
 : to adapt (an animal or plant) to life in intimate association with and to the advantage of humans

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine expressed some concern because she, who is a fabulous working mom, was able to make a wonderful dinner.  She said she was "becoming domesticated."  

Ugh, "domesticated".  I know she used the term correctly but the first thing I think about when I hear the word "domesticated" are animals.  Cows, dogs, cats, pigs, animals that have been trained to do laborious things.  Okay, well cats don't do a damn thing but think you their slave and hack up horrid things. I've never liked the term.

My Gramma is extremely into domestics.  She is perfectly old school.  My husband gets annoyed when we go over to her house for dinner.  I am directed to immediately get my husband a drink, and make sure he is comfortable. My Gramma serves the men first and the women are second.  Mechanic Hubby challenges this a little.  He will not start eating until I have my own plate and am sitting next to him.  He'll challenge it further by telling my Gramma, "I can serve myself."  What is he trying to do to her, the woman just had heart surgery!  She cleans everything...I mean everything.  Just the other day she was telling me that she was cleaning the back....the BACK of her headboard.  

I had decided last week that I wanted to learn how to crochet.  Luckily there are a TON of youtube videos to show you how to do it.  I started my first hat yesterday and it's a bit of a rumpled mess but at least I'm doing it.  My mother in law chuckled a bit when I told her of my new little goal.  She said, "Does your family (my side) ever think that you getting way to domesticated?"  HISSSSSSSS!  

The next day I was visiting my Gramma and I told her I wanted to learn how to crochet.  She said, "Let me get my needles."  Of course she knows how to crochet.  She said, "Let me see you make a chain."  As soon as I finished making my slipknot, she took it away and said, "You already screwed it up."  Feeling instantly defeated I let out a sigh and Gramma looks at me and smiles.  

I guess there's nothing wrong with keeping it a little old school after all.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Premios de Escritura

Doesn't that title sound fancy? I'm behind in patting myself on the back for some awards I received from amazing people who I miss dearly.

I got the first two from my friend Red Boot Pearl (Book Savvy). She and I share a great love for books and dark, dark chocolate. We know way too much about each other and we're okay with it.

This award I received from my good friend Alyson Peterson (Dirty Green Jello). We share a great love for books and for dark, dark twisted gore and all things creepy. We have a pg-13 Mormon dark side, it does exist. Ha ha.

So I guess what happens now is that I tell everyone a few things about myself. Boy, I know a lot about me.

1. I love, love, love a good Japanese bento for lunch. For instance, Kabuki does up a nice bento box. While you eat it, nothing else matters. Nothing, not even stopping for air. Just kidding, you want to savor it.

(It might be weird, but I think I love you. And now you'll have to die).

2. I rearrange eggs in the carton so that the weight is equal or close to equal. I HATE when I pick up a carton of eggs and it's heavier on one side. It's one of my biggest pet peeves.

(Yes, this is making me seethe with anger).

3. I have anxiety about driving. I know I need to learn how to drive and it would be convenient but all I can think about is crashing, horrific crashing and my baby is in the car. Morbid and I know I need to "get over it" but it really does scare me.

(I could have used something a little more gruesome but I was too afraid to look that up).

4. If I couldn't cook everyday, I would be depressed. I could go on forever about my love for cooking and serving others great food but I'll just leave it at that.

(I think I make amazing salsa).

5. I'm a movie snob. I don't like movies that are full of explosions and shiny things. I don't like movies that are predictable, fluffy or made for the masses. But I will go watch Hunger Games because Suzanne Collins is amazing. Kids fighting to the death and it's televised, sign me up.

(It's a great series, check it out).

Now that I've talked a lot about myself, the courteous thing to do is to turn around and give the awards away to blogs you enjoy.

I'm giving the stylish award to The Fairy and the Pumpkin. "Titania" is wonderfully talented and the letters from the coop section is hilarious. The photos are striking and I feel lazy after reading all that she does.

The versatile award goes to Up To Speed by Suzanne Barker. She and I are in the same book club and I think she has a degree in just about everything. I love her adventures and pictures of all the crafty things she does.

The one lovely blog award goes to Bandanamom Lezlee Hays. I just met Lezlee a few weeks ago and her blog is funny, has great music and really makes you think. Her latest post about Rats is really thought provoking, it really is.

So there it is folks, check these ladies out and leave a comment or two.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Skull Crazy

I think I've been a fan of Halloween for as long as I can remember. My favorite Halloween decoration are skulls. I just love them, all prettied up.

I found a free online photo editor(love free stuff) and I've been going crazy with making myself along with a few others, look like pretty skulls; just like the decorated ones you'd see for Dia De Los Muertos festivals. The photo editor is They make it so easy to manipulate pictures! Here's a few I did this morning. One is of my niece Jessyjess and the other one is of my awesome friend Carrie. The last two are of myself...