Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Female Anger is Quiet...

We're never "fine" when we're asked. If I say that I'm fine and I don't instantly start talking about something that went on in my day, then things are not fine. People that know me know that I'm a talkative person so if I'm quiet....dun dun dun.

Throughout my life, I let a lot of things that bother me go. I don't like to harbor bad feelings or emotions because it'll eff up my day for who knows how many days in a row. And yes to be fair, this may be written out of anger but I'm getting over it. This is helping. I think it's safe to say that no one likes to be compared or somehow compete against anyone. I would like to think of myself as slightly different from everybody else but I'm pretty sure there's a million other girls exactly like me, which is fine because I don't know them. Who else loves to eat a tortilla chip topped with mashed potatoes, beans, a slice of pickle with shredded cheddar cheese on top all in one bite? Okay, my sisters do but we all live in different states, so there. I'm pretty sure there is no one else in their respective states that like to eat that.

There's another thing that we have in common...we all like to clean when we are angry. Anger gets the job least in my house it does, maybe that's why cleaning is never a priority. All in all I'm not a very angry woman...I was an angry teen but who wasn't?

So what brought this on? Well, I won't say but I really don't like it when people tell me how to do a job that I've been doing for a while. Let's just leave it at that. It's petty, I know. Again, I was compared to someone who has a trait that I didn't like but was revealed to me that I have that same trait. Is it true that we don't get along with people most like ourselves? I told Mechanic Hubby, "Of course, you are right." Then I took out the garbage, wiped down the counters, the stove, swept the kitchen, cleared the table, threw the towels in the dryer and started writing this. The more I think about it, the more anger I feel towards myself for being angry about it in the first place. I can't do his job (no matter how much I think I can) and he definitely can't do mine.

There's no point in losing sleep over a "silly" comment. Did I ever mention that I'm an insomniac?



  1. So if we have you over and make you upset, it might just be to get some help cleaning up.

    On a side note it sounds like you could start a business cleaning homes. Sounds like you got most everything cleaned in no time. You could call your company "the angry cleaner"

  2. I think that's why my Gramma's house is spotless. I would help clean up anyway!

  3. Maybe that is why my house is usually spotless. Uh oh. dun dun dun.

  4. Alyson, we could go into the cleaning business together and wear shirts that say, "Out damned spot, out I say!!"

  5. i would have to agree that no one else in the continental united states would like that snack. you're such a good cook though, that maybe i should try it. well, if i do, i'll wait a while because i puked last night because i had a chocolate beverage w/ a mustard potato salad, not a great combo. also, i was going to say something else, but, oh yeah, i remember now, sorry to cut you off yesterday, it was a child emergency in the car and teresa was driving.

  6. you're right about the post on my blog! the female sex needs to vent sometime! :) plus, it's not like the whole world is reading my little blog!!

  7. dude, i feel horrible, if the bad friend award was in the dictionary, you would see my face, but i hope you don't feel singled out, cuz i was supposed to call my friend bini and praise's mom, etc. but i have been way too crazy and i forgot. it's really irresponsible of me to over commit myself to all these fun ideas, i wish i could do them all, so this isn't just a vain apology, i will really try hard to follow through with invitations and also rspv to things too. i hope that you had a great thanksgiving etc. you are really awesome, and i hope that when i get to be a mom and wife i can be like you and your family. love ya, sincerly, carrie.