Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun With Skinned Knees

This is me. I think I was about 7 or 8. My mom liked to experiment with hair cutting so my mop-top is the end result. I'm pretty sure I had some kind of scab on my knees about 80 percent of my childhood. I can't remember if I've ever had a skinned knee as an adult. I don't think I have. I remember being a rambunctious kid, running all over the playground at school and whaling a tether ball (the popcorn move by the way is cheating). I remember blister upon blister from going on the monkey bars or the giant steel rings we had at school and it was a non-issue. We'd pop the blisters, slap on a band-aid and move on. I remember being very competitive when it came to sports and when I used to be a catcher on a softball team, I had no problem having girls run into me. I remember getting a bad concussion and scraped palms, bruises but it didn't matter. I was having fun, I was playing.

Each of my sisters have a crazy injury story. Radio Momma decided to roller skate in the cul de sac where we lived. This led to two very scraped knees and a ton of iodine. You know, the brown bottle with the red liquid that's supposed to help you heal. My Dad took it out and put it on her knee. I think it might of hurt her more than the injury itself. My other sister, ASU Grad had a total freak occurrence with her head. She was 3 and Radio Momma was 4. They went upstairs to jump on the bed and when they heard someone coming to tell them to knock it off, Radio Momma jumped off, darted out the door only to realize that her little sister wasn't behind her. ASU Grad ran right into the door, splitting her head open with a good stream of blood going down her face. Both of them still have their scars.

This spunky looking kid is my daughter. She is very daring and loves the outdoors. Dirt is her friend and she laughs at barking dogs, well as long as she's holding her Mommy's hand. She has yet to scrape her knee. Sometimes I think I might be a little to protective of her. It's hard to see your kids injured but I don't want her to be afraid of everything either. We've endured busted bottom lips, squished little fingers, and falling; lots of tumbles from learning how to walk and run. What I love about experiencing this as a Mom, is that Baby Sagittarius shakes most of it off. She doesn't lay down and cry and I'm not one to rush over and coddle her when she takes a fall (only if there's blood involved is when I make an exception). I know I have more injuries to look forward to with her but if she gets them while having fun...I know they will heal quickly.

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