Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To Stay Sane.....

My sister-in-law has got me hooked on something easy and fun to do.

Nail stamping!

Nail stamping is so fun! I'm still a novice at it but I'll get the hang of it eventually. Here's a youtube video about it and how it's done.

I've been nail stamping once a week for the past two months....I think. I love that it lets you be creative and artsy without too much effort.

Here are some pictures of past weeks.....

I really liked the flowery pattern...kind of like paisley.

Then I thought I'd try co eccentric circles.

These are supposed to be zebra stripes.....

Polka dots are one of my favorite patterns.

My nephew said my nails looked like they were from the future....

So I did up these nails on Sunday...some of my worst work ever. I washed dishes soon after and the nail polish decided it hated hot water and peeled itself away from my nails. My sister in law was very kind to leave her nail art supply so I could give it another go.

I like them!

It takes me a little while from start to finish and as much as I like shortcuts, for pretty nails you have to use a base clear coat, then the first color, then a top coat for that, then the stamp goes on then you have to use a pretty shiny clear top coat for that. It sounds like a lot but it's worth it to have totally rad nails. This little bit of time to myself helps me stay sane. I can just focus on getting them done and feel a little artsy when they're finished.

The nails get noticed! Get ready for compliments!

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  1. I LOVE them. Especially the circles... and your bad work looked awesome and artsy to me, so you're doing good. And those nails pretty much ARE from the future.