Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13th, Not A Valentine's Post

What was the worst gift I ever got from my husband?

Any guesses?  A fancy cheese grater?  A bubble machine?  Portable flo-bee?  It sounds like a chainsaw and is helpful for those excessive fuzz on your clothes days - The electronic lint remover. His heart was in the right place....even if every time I used it I thought tiny metal antennae were going to come out of the holes and rip up my guts.

Since then, the gift giving has improved.  My husband has a knack for remembering little things.  I got the lint remover because I said I hate using a lint roller and wished that there was an easier way to remove lint. Since then the little things he's remembered has worked in my favor. Here are some examples:

- There was a glass etching class I kind of wanted to go to, you know the ones that let you etch your last name onto your casserole dishes so that if you leave them there's no reason why it couldn't go back to you?  It reminds me of like a housewife sting operation....anyway, I wanted to go but I didn't have any glassware....until that following Mother's Day.  He listened to me say, "Pssh, it was probably boring anyway" and heard "I wish I had some glassware."

- I said, "Man, I wish I didn't live so far from the library.  I'd probably read more." On my birthday I got a gift basket with all the classics, snacks and drinks.

- "If I had a blow dryer, I'd be ready faster."  On Valentine's Day, I got the hotel room style blow know the kind that mounts to the wall.  I love it!

- The day after I got the last Harry Potter book (which came out right around my birthday) I was given the whole day to read it and my husband brought me food throughout the day so I wouldn't have to stop reading.  It was probably one of the best gifts - time to do what you'd like to do, not what you need to do.  I could go for another one of those free time days.

I never get tired of the "I love you's" but one of my most favorite things my husband had ever said to me happened when he asked me once what I wanted for Christmas.  I said, "How about some nice comfy pajamas?"  I'm a pajama girl.  Not the teeny barely there kind, the sweats and cute top know.  I quickly thought it would be weird for making my husband shop in the ladies section for me and said, "You know what, nevermind.  You don't even know my size and I really don't want you to guess."  He says, "Of course I know your size."  My mortification was short-lived when he said, "You're size pretty."


  1. "Size pretty" . . . what an awesome husband!

  2. Oh, that wins points for years!!! You are a lucky girl!

  3. And thanks for your sweet comments on my blog this week. I enjoyed every one of them!!

  4. Lucky lady...I have a cheese ball husband. Maybe he should read this. haha