Monday, August 5, 2013

A Night of Weird...It Was A Good Thing

I think the last concert I went to was in 2008.

I saw the Helio Sequence.  It was awesome. (So excited they are coming back to town in October).

Later in 2008 I had a baby and moved to the Midwest. Yeah, last night was my first concert in five years.

My husband asked if I wanted to go see Bob Log III.  Who is Bob Log III?  He's a one man entertainer who plays slide guitar, the drums with his feet and wears a helmet with a phone receiver coming out of it.

The funny thing about Bob Log III is that he sets up his own stage, hangs up his own merchandise and looks like a quirky yet cool high school biology teacher.  I got a weird Bill Nye vibe from him.

Yet, when he puts on the suit and the helmet, he is transformed into a spectacular entertainer.  

This would not be the first time I went to a Bob Log III show.

The last time I saw Bob Log III, I can't even make up what that show was about.  There was a roller derby team raising money with a kissing booth.  There was an elderly man with a hat that read F**K the Police that was also using a camcorder.  There was a belly dancer wearing a monkey mask.  Some ladies felt the need to expose their chests while Bob Log III sang a little ditty named, "Boob Scotch."  I had to look away a lot during that show. So, when my husband recently asked if I wanted to see Bob Log III again, I was in no rush to say yes.  Bob Log III - "F-Hole Parade"

I am so glad I went.

I have to say I was nervous about getting pushed or shoved and seeing a ton of boobs.  But I was wrong to assume it was going to be "that kind of show." A Bob Log III show will guarantee you a night of weird.

Here's basically everything I saw in a matter of hours.  It happened so fast that I couldn't take pictures of it all.

 - A sideshow act that had a woman swallow three razor blades and she fished them out with floss.
 - A woman using five samurai swords as stairs.
 - A man put himself through a tennis racket (without strings of course).
 - Same guy had to break free from locked chains and if he didn't do it fast enough he would get tazed.
 - I saw a man get tazed four times.
 - A woman put a nail in her nose.

 - Two older ladies behind me saying "Oh My."
 - A band that played with a cigar box guitar.
 - Jimmy Fallon's messy doppelganger.

And last but not least, we carried Bob Log III around in a dingy, using the audience as his ocean.  He got stuck in the dingy because the helmet he uses makes everything pitch black.

It was pretty cool.   

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