Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Was Pizza Day, The Best Day of the Week

Okay, I know I've been doing a lot of videos but this one has a purpose. Beware, this song is by the Aquabats, a super silly ska band. It ends abruptly because the original has a monologue about Michael Jackson and how he LOVES pizza day; but I thought it would be better suited if we do not speak ill of the dead.

I thought that this was a perfect Back to School song. I love that even though this song is extremely silly, when I first heard it a lot of memories came flooding back about elementary school.

We were always the new kids in school because we moved around a lot growing up. I don't know why we moved around so much, maybe Mom needed some new scenery. I think I remember all my teacher's names but I won't bore you with that. When I was in first grade, we were given pen pals from Russia or back then when it was called the Soviet Union. I turned in my paper and with the Soviet flag drawn in the corner. My teacher asked, "Where did you see that?" I think she thought my parents were Commies. I remember using the monkey bars way too much and getting my badge of honor on the playground - my first blister and even though it stung, you just kept on swinging.

At lunch when we received our milk cartons, we would get our sporks and scratch the carton at the top and puncture our straw into it. We were too cool to just open the carton up. The menu that the band sings in the song Pizza Day is eerily close to what we would have everyday. Wednesday was my second favorite day of the school week because we would have chocolate milk.

I don't long to return to elementary school, the hierarchy of the playground, the secret assigned seats of the cafeteria, being friends with someone one day and not being friends the next day, the big hair of the late eighties or the neon fad of the nineties. I'm grateful for being able to reflect on how I was able to survive those awkward years; being able to see that my huge issues growing up were not so big after all.

Even after all of this overflow of elementary school memories, I still despise Back to School commercials.

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