Saturday, August 21, 2010

Work In Progress II


"Are you listening to me Aiden?" asks Lorza in frustration.

"Yes, I'm hanging on your every word. Just repeat what you said to make sure I have this absolutely clear," Aiden replies.

"Here is a diagram of the brain. Here is the left temporal lobe, and inside there in the center is the insula. That is where the tracker is. Once I blast the Hooksin device, it's pretty much going to send a tiny grappling hook into the side of my head and latch onto the tracker. I need you to be strong and hit the retraction key on the Hooksin. It's going to be messy and I can only use this once. Of course once I shoot it, I'll go unconscious. After you retract it, unlatch it and destroy it. Once I shoot I have 35 minutes to get to Aiolena. She's the only one who can fix me. Did you get all that?" Lorza asks.

"What's to keep Mommy Dearest from inserting a new tracker? Won't they know it's been removed by their own Hooksin? Even though you'll be bleeding, the cut is too clean. What if she finds out that you took it out yourself and lets you die?" asks an unnerved Aiden.

"Well, I thought you would ask that. I need you to be very brave and very trusting about this. You're going to have to grab my gun and shoot me at an angle. Right here," says Lorza drawing an X next to her left ear.

"No, no way, I can't do that. I'm a tech! I didn't get the same kind of training you guys did. I can't just point and shoot, especially not you. There has to be another way. We can just leave -" Aiden says.

"They will find me no mater where I go. I will have to keep killing for the rest of my life if I don't do this now. Either you help me with this or I die and either way I'll be satisfied. If you want me to live, don't disappoint yourself, " Lorza says with a hardened tone.

Before Aiden has a chance to retort Lorza brings the Hooksin to ear and pulls the trigger.

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  1. I need to know what these people are. Keep it coming. :)