Wednesday, September 8, 2010

High In the Sky, Apple Pie Hopes

A few weeks ago I left the television on after Sesame Street was done. I usually turn it right off but I was tackling a dilly of pickle which involved a toy car stuck in a place it shouldn't have been. As soon as said car was removed, a new show was starting and this quote appeared on the screen:

"It's never too late, in fiction or in life, to revise." - Nancy Thayer

I thought about this quote often since I saw it. Uncontrolled change is hard to deal with but being the creator of the change in your life is monumental. Plus there's a big difference between having to change yourself and wanting to change yourself. It can be as simple as just letting the kids make the mess versus getting upset about the mess. I can be a bit of a grumpy Gus when it comes to seemingly irrelevant things. Why do I take the negative so quickly? Have I not learned anything?

This past holiday weekend, I asked Mechanic Hubby to buy us a kite because the wind was super strong. He comes back with a really cool looking 3-D kite in the shape of a killer whale. It was pretty impressive. I make us a picnic lunch and we set off to a beautiful park to have an early dinner. I brought delicate sandwiches, fruits, cheeses - a pretty yummy feast. We decided to play first and got to putting the kite together. Strike one: I saw that this kite was $17.99. What the? I said buy a kite not a handmade with double stitching flying art piece all the way from the kite capitol of the world China! I tell myself to calm down and enjoy the day. Strike two: The "easy to put together" label was wrong. There was one rubber rod that did not fit in its intended spot which was the tail. After taking turns trying and trying to put that thing together, the rubber rod sprung backwards and slapped me in the face. As the pink line that starts to develop on my cheek starts to burn, I make a quick ice pack out of a baby wipe and crushed ice and press it to my cheek. I freak out with anger a little but did not lose my temper completely. I suggest that we tie the rod in place and test it out. Strike three: The winds did not disappoint and they were strong, VERY strong. Mechanic Hubby had a hard time flying the kite. I decided to show him how it was done, seeing how I logged many kite flying hours back home in California. He hands me the kite and it's up in the air. I release more string as it starts to climb higher. A strong gust sends the kite into a double swirl then crashing to the ground. As I start winding the string, another gust catches the belly of the kite and sends it up again. After my turn was over, Mechanic Hubby anxiously takes the string, I walk over to dislodge the kite from a bush, the wind picks up again and I get rope burn on my hand. Beautiful.

This pretty much puts me over and I want to go home. My hubby quickly puts me in check and says, "Really, you're going to let this tiny thing bother you and ruin this beautiful day?" Usually his amazing positive attitude annoys me but in that moment, I just let my anger go. Poof, gone. My hand hurt and my cheek was burning but the sun was out and my daughter was having a blast running around the park. And to top it off, they were both sick with colds. Well as for the kite, we lost the head of the whale due to the strong wind gusts and I just laughed.

Here's my quote for the day, "Everything in life sucks or rocks, what do you want your life to do?"

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  1. This was an even better story reading it! You're amazing, I would have been pretty ticked... and probably would have told my husband to shut it.