Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Work In Progress 4

It was a short walk to Aiolena's office. The plush carpet quieted Aiden's short footsteps. She met him at the doorway and hugged her son. It was an awkward hug because Aiden just stood there, blank faced with absolutely no love for his mother.

"It will be alright Aiden. You worry too much," Aiolena says as she releases from the hug.

"The only thing I'm worried about is how that target was tipped off. It happened so fast, it's like he knew who she was and what she was there to do. I thought we kept a close circuit on him," says Aiden.

"How is the target still dead? That's interesting," replies Aiolena.

This news takes Aiden off guard. Of course the target is dead, Lorza's too good. He didn't think of this part of the story. Why didn't Lorza tell him this crucial piece of information?

"I killed him. I saw Lorza's tracker go dead and just then he ran in front of surveillance and I shot him. He didn't see me and he was alone."

"Wow, you're quite a shot. It was nice and clean. Have you been going to the range more often? I thought you didn't like matter. Great job."

The intercom goes off on Aiolena's desk.


"The girl has been stabilized, she's in recovery now. "


Without thinking, Aiden lets out a sigh of relief. His mother narrows her eyes slightly, gazing at Aiden. He looks away and lets out a fake cough.

"How much recovery time do you give her?"

"Well we'd have to see who knows how long that will take. She lost a lot of blood, plus we don't know if she'll have a lot of brain activity if she does wake up. Then what good will she be to us? If she's a permanent vegetable, we'll have to end her." Aiolena looks at her son, looking for a reaction.

Aiden thinks about the deal Lorza gave him. He's the only one that wants her to stay alive, she was fine with dying because then she would be free of the constant killing. Would he be selfish enough to make her deal with all of the post traumatic stress so that maybe one day she would learn to love too? If her brain activity was at zero, would he want her still? Yes, yes I would he thinks to himself. Aiden looks at his mother and shrugs. "Why should she get special treatment otherwise?"

Content with his answer, she says, "I'll give her a month to wake up. If she doesn't I'm not wasting anymore time. Those machines cost money along with the life support."

"Today was crazy, I'm going up to my flat," Aiden says casually.

"You've made your first kill. We should celebrate later tonight. I'll have them prepare your favorite meal and you can tell me all about it."

"Sure thing Mom."

"You can also tell me how you got Lorza's sting ray bullets to fit in the basic glock from the van, that's amazing seeing how they're so much smaller. "

"Wait...what?" Aiden asks shakily.

There's a knock at the door and the two guards from the infirmary step in.

"Take him to the plexi room."

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