Tuesday, April 24, 2012

She Knows What She Wants

I'm writing this post waiting for my roast to cool down a little so I can shred it by hand.  While I was taking the roast out of the crock pot, I look over to the picture I have of my Gramma that I have placed above my stove.  She's kind of an inspiration for me, especially when I don't know what to make.  She's always able to make a feast in times of famine.  With all that I have, I won't let myself cook something boring or plain.

So it's almost my Gramma's birthday again.  I'm very happy to have been able to spend yet another year with her.  She will be 82 on May 5th.  I decided this morning that I was going to invite her to my house for a nice birthday breakfast.  She is extremely picky (which she would deny) so I decided to ask her what she would like for me to prepare.

This is what she said:

Me:  Hi Gramma!
Gramma:  Hi Mija!
Me:  I was wondering if you would like to come to my house on your birthday for breakfast.
Gramma:  Ooh, that sounds nice.  What are you making?
Me:  What do you want me to make?
Gramma:  Oh, nothing fancy.  I know how you like to make fancy food.
Me: What?  I don't make fancy things. (I really don't and I have no idea what she's talking about)....So what can I make you?
Gramma: How about an omelette, but not plain.  Cut up some jalapenos, tomatoes and onions.  Not big pieces, small ones.  And some fresh refried beans...make a pot of beans and refry some.  Smash them well and I like them creamy.  I hate dry beans.  Oh and make some potatoes.  Cut them into small squares.  I like them soft not crispy.  Cover them while you cook them, not crispy.  Make some salsa.  I want you to boil the tomatoes and broil the jalapenos.  Then blend them in the blender but not too much, I want it chunky but not too chunky.  Oh and flour tortillas, the kind with the Mexican flag on them.  I like those the best. (I thought she was going to make me make fresh ones.  I can but she wants store bought and I don't want to disappoint). What time are we having breakfast.  Not too late because it'll turn into lunch.  I think like 8:30 or 9...or 9:30 if you want your aunt and sister to join us.
Me:  Okay.  I can make that.  I was thinking of something different but this works.
Gramma:  What were you thinking?
Me:  I was thinking chicharones con chile (fresh pork rinds with salsa)
Gramma:  Make that too.  Or wait until I get there and then we'll make it.

She's going to be 82....she knows what she wants and I'm happy to oblige.


  1. Oh, that is funny. Good thing you took good notes so you can accomodate! I think it will be fun to be 82 someday and have breakfast with my granddaughter.

  2. That was hilarious how you write and tell stories...can't wait to hear if everything was to her liking!