Saturday, May 12, 2012


So I posed a question on facebook saying:

Do homemade gifts still trump expensive gifts when the person who makes it is 30? I hope my mom likes my macaroni necklace I made her.

I had already made my mom a gift.  I myself am not into spending tons of cash because then next year it has to be bigger and/or better and I don't like to get caught up in that.

I adore homemade anything.  Especially food.  I didn't make my mom food.

I made her an album out of scrapbooking paper, cardboard, glue, pictures and ribbon.

Was I totally worried that she would hate it?


I had this idea to put together pictures of every house I remember living in while growing up in California and then writing a little something about each house.  I touched on when us kids were in a scary car accident with my dad, jotted a tiny something about her divorce from my dad, and pondered the question, "Whatever happened to my sister's cat Samantha?"  My sister forgot that she had a cat altogether.  I took the liberty of making up a short story of the kind of life Samantha had.  It's not our fault, we aren't pet people and the cat was a gift to us from my mom's friend.

I can see it now. Samantha had a life of hard living after we abandoned her at the house on Lake street.  She probably joined a cat gang because she needed a new family.  She gets a tattoo on her paws that says MEOW 4 LIFE.  She didn't receive the love she needed when she was young so she goes from cat to cat hoping to feel that love again.  She has a litter of kittens at 4 and gets on kitty welfare.  Her kids repeat the cycle two years later. 

All together there were 7 houses and stories but I'll spare you.  I presented this little gift to my mom over sushi.   There are a few pictures below.  I think she liked it.

My mom is pretty mysterious like that.  I'm still, after all these little years, am trying to please her.  I'm going to think that she loved it and will cry her eyes out in private.

Maybe she'll let me know after I post this.....maybe not.

And that's okay.


  1. I think it is an awesome gift...and I for one love homemade gifts! What a touching thing to give her...and the cat story hilarious!!!

  2. I love that! I think it's an amazing gift.

  3. I give it the amazing and better than something store bought award. Anyone can walk into a store and grab something without much thought. This took time, effort, and thought. All ingredients for a treasured gift!