Friday, November 16, 2012

Ding Dong....Hostess Is Dead.

My hometown Wonder/Hostess Bakery Outlet

When I heard the rumors last week that a baker's strike could affect the future of Hostess, I was skeptical.  Airlines go on strike all the time and yet they manage to stay open.  But this was different.  Hostess said that if the strike were to continue, it would be detrimental to its operations and they would have to file for bankruptcy and close.  It seemed like it was a major threat to make the workers give up and cave in.

But it wasn't.

They meant every word and here we are. November 16th and Hostess has moved forward with closing and filing for bankruptcy.  With Hostess Brands closing, this includes Wonder, Dolly Madison, Home Pride and Nature's Pride.  My sister in law posted this news this morning and I honestly got a little sad.  I think I could blame my emotional state due to pregnancy but I think I would have been just as sad if this happened at any other time.

Growing up, we used to live down the street from the Wonder/Hostess outlet.  My dad would give us a few bucks and we would take a walk and pick up some treats.  It always smelled so good even if the product was about to expire or already had.  And by the way, Twinkies have an amazing shelf life.  I think I'm sad because a little piece of my childhood will be gone.  I know, way too over dramatic.  I mean I could blame Hostess for giving me my fabulous figure and the many, many times we'd have to go shopping for bigger sizes  for me as a child.

Granted, it's been a long time since I've actually had any Hostess products and maybe if I purchased more it would have helped a little but it seemed inevitable.  I'm probably not going to go out and stock up on any of their baked goods because it seems to me that I had let them go a long time ago.

Maybe I'll pick up some twinkies......and some donettes......and cupcakes.....but that's it.  Oh and ding dongs.

Hopefully, these links will help you fill the void.

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